Presented in partnership with “Connected – A Speaker Series Presented by DREAM”

What does it take for a community to realize their full potential. As someone who just moved into their first home, this is a question that I constantly asked myself. Do you move to an established neighbourhood, or one that’s growing? How important is your voice in the future of the community?

On Wednesday, September 28th, Dream, one of Canada’s largest real estate companies, is presenting a unique speaker series called featuring presentations on community planning and design.

Connected is hosted by Love It or List It Vancouver’s Todd Talbot, and will include presentations from futurist Jesse Hirsh; designer Amanda Hamilton; and urban planner Joseph Scanga. The event is free. That’s right, free. It even includes complimentary libations and hors d’oeuvres.


The night will be filled with insightful conversations with planners, designers, architects and engineers, all exploring how a city’s communities can serve as a conduit to forming connections.

You may have noticed that Calgary seems to be in a bit of an exciting period. With a renewed focus on urban life, but also continued growth around the city’s core, Calgary seems to be building a city that is meant for everything and everyone, which is one of the reasons why I love it. Dream too is using Calgary as an innovation lab – asking questions, cultivating discussion and implementing new approaches to transform the way communities are developed and homes are built. That also means a return to more engaging parks and green spaces, people-oriented streetscapes, and plentiful social, recreational and commercial amenities. Their philosophy of a better quality of life and true sense of connection within its communities, is something that definitely resonates with me and my work with Calgary By Bike.

This special evening will take place at TELUS Spark, which itself is a building full of innovation and creativity. Tickets are available here, and once again, are free.

Mike Morrison