As many people might know by now, Sebastian Pigott, who plays Kai on Being Erica, is also a singer. Him and his brother Oliver are doing quite well for themselves in the Toronto music scene. Not to mention that they both appeared on Canadian Idol. But I’m guessing they don’t want to talk about that.

If watched Tuesday night’s episode of Being Erica, you heard Sebastian singing the song Alien Like You. It’s a really nice song, which was a great match for a pitch perfect episode.
And because Being Erica is awesome, you can now download the song for free! All you gotta do is visit the Being Erica website and scroll to the bottom of the screen, then find the instructions.
And yes, I’ll let you download this free single sans judgement. You’re lucky.

Mike Morrison


  1. Hi, I have the same problem with Mel, being from Australia, I cant download the song. I spent almost an hour looking, but no salt. Please, could you send me a copy too? Thanks.

  2. I happened to come across your page whilst trying to find the song alien from being erica but I can only download it from the itunes store in canada. As I’m from Australia, I am unable to get buy it as it’s not on our itunes in Australia. I have the one from the Pigott Brothers album but I NEED the one from the being erica episode. Please Is there anyway you could possibly maybe send me copy to my email address. PLease!

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