>Who doesn’t love free music?

Especially great music.
Just wanted to give a special heads up that this week’s Itunes single of the week is awesome.  It’s from Attack in Black, which coincidentally is the band I talked about late last week.
It’s called Blood (In the Tracks) and it’s one my favorites from the band.
On a semi-related note, Am I the only one that LOVES the single of the week each and every week?  Seriously I’m obsessed.  Between that and Starbucks’ Pick of the Week, it’s my favorite way to find great (usually Canadian) music and make some sexy playlists!
My all time favorite single of the week was Matt & Kim‘s “Daylight”.  That song is the ulitmate get out of your funky mood song!  So good.
My only question is how does Itunes choose the single of the week?  My recommendation would be Andy Brown or Dojo Workhorse.  Two of my favs that are totally deserving of the PR jackpot.  

Mike Morrison