Are you newly single?

Own more than one cat?

Cry into the clothes you used to fit into?

Than you need a year’s supply of Ben and Jerry’s We Are Waffling Ice Cream!

Actually, it is only going to be called that for a little while, they want a Canadian to pick the new name. So if you want that free ice cream to quell your depression oofver never getting into the community college of your dreams, then you need to enter!

First, you need think of a name for the new ice cream. It is being described as a combination of vanilla ice cream, fudge covered waffle cone pieces and a fudge swirl. And don’t you dare think of ‘Homolicious’, because I’m pretty sure they won’t accept it. But if you want to try…

Once you come up with the name, head on over to their Facebook page to enter.

If you win, I need to request that you send me at least one pint, especially if my Homolicious idea works.

Mike Morrison


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