Is it me, or does anyone else think it is stupid that we still have to pay for internet in public places, more specifically airports? I’m talking of course of Toronto’s Pearson Airport, where you still have to pay for wi-fi. What the hell is that about? As far as I know, most major airports provide the internet for free now, but Toronto seems to think that it is okay to pay $10 for 24 hours.

This enrages me for several different reasons.

-Who the hell is actually in the airport for 24 straight hours? You act like it’s a great deal that we are going to have a full day of service, when in reality, you know, that we will only use it for a couple of hours. Stop assuming we are stupid.

-The airports in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Montreal and even Fredericton, NB have free internet. But Toronto? Nope, don’t even think about it. Even more insulting are the ads that Pearson plays on it’s TVs touting the entire airport has access to the internet. No shit Sherlock, even Afghanistan has had the wireless internet for the last ten years.

-Lastly, perhaps the most annoying part of the whole pay for internet debacle, is the fact that it’s provided by a service with the name Boingo. Seriously could they have picked a more annoying name? That’s exactly the kind of stupid-ass name I want to see when I find out that I have to pay for the internet. Boingo? What the hell does that even mean? They obviously chose this friendly sounding name just to get us to cool our jets. It’s too late.

Paying for internet is as archaic as getting excited for new Grey’s Anatomy, time to change your ways Pearson.

Mike Morrison