>One of my favorite parts of this weekend was the keynote speaker for the Banff Television Festival.  It was given by Ron Berryman, who is the SVP of GM Digital Publishing – Fox Interactive Media and Microwaves.  Okay, the microwaves part isn’t true.  Just a little 30 Rock humor for you.

His presentation was very interesting and was about all the projects networks developing to keep getting their product to viewers while trying not to piss off advertisers.
During the 40 minute address, he showed many different clips of different FOX shows.  Synergy at it’s best.
But what made me extra happy was that he showed three clips of the show GLEE.  Which everyone knows is my obsession rivaled only by Lucky Charms and my Nintendo Wii.
I think it bodes well for the show that he included three different clips of the show, I think that means that FOX is behind it and hopefully means a long life for the show.
In case you haven’t seen it yet, here is a clip of the final song from the show when it premiered in May.  It’s a pretty fun version of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing.
And it was used to close out the speech on Sunday.
And if you are wondering if I am ever going to stop talking about GLEE until you start watching it, the answer is no.  So just watch it on FOX and Global this fall.

Mike Morrison