Sometimes finding your once favourite muchmusic VJ can be like a pop-culture Where’s Waldo. For every still visible Rick Campanelli, Leah Miller and George Stroumboulopoulos, there’s countless Bradford Hows, Rachel Perrys, Namugenyi Kiwanukas.

But everyone now and then, a former VJ will pop up and will flood my memory with hours and hours of musical flashbacks of the Much on Demand variety, that I can’t believe it’s taken this long. At least that’s what happened when I caught CTV’s The Listener, which saw VJ bad-boy Rainbow Sun Francks guest starring as a police corporal. After some quick research, I found out that Sun Francks actually starred for a few seasons on Vancouver filmed and cult-classic Stargate: Atlantis. So sci-fi geeks, please excuse my ignorance. Rainbow is also on Twitter too!  Man!  Where have I been?!?

Those who enjoy a good flashback as much as do, haven’t missed out. It looks like Rainbow is around for at least the season of The Listener.

Now…where the hell is Amanda Walsh?


Mike Morrison


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