>I find it funny that on the night that I almost forgot that American Idol was on the singers apparantly forgot they were even on! Words were forgotten, songs butchered, Sunjaya got a perm and Ryan and/or Simon allllmmmmooosssttt came out of the closet.

Here’s the recap!

Does anyone find it funny that for 5 past seasons of American Idol, the producers were only to come up with 5 people worth mentioning. Doesn’t it seem like there should be more than that? And it only makes me wonder what award Sunjaya will win? Probably a Razzie or a Juno.

Brandon Rogers starts us off tonight. When there is 12 contestants I worry about the guys who start at the beginning, they have the handicap of fickle American memories. I didn’t know that the song he sang was from 1966! Doesn’t it feel like that is when this season of American Idol started. It’s too bad that Brandon got distracted by his bad moves to remember the rest of the words, but he still put in a noble effort.

Before Melinda sings we are treated to the most awkward homosexual banter between Simon and Ryan. Isiaah Washington dies a little bit inside. Don’t we all?

Usually when the contestants sing, I’m playing on the internet or sometimes I’m not even in the room. But when Melinda is on. I stop. I just watch her and enjoy her. But then Paula has to start crying and ruins it all. Fill. Her. Cup. I love the Melinda, but even since J. Hud, I’m always nervous for the front runner. Just ask Tamyra Grey.

Tell me Chris Sligh, what is it like to be burned by Diana Ross? It can’t be good. Also, as an actor, let me tell you if you come across someone who isn’t just a little nervous about performing they are doing it for the wrong reasons. No matter how much you are on stage, being nervous drives your energy and the audiences feels that. There I just had to get that off my chest. I did like his uptempo version of Endless Love, I honestly can’t tell how far he will make it?

Did anyone else notice that Gina has dropped her last name? Really? Lakisha, yes. Because it’s Lakisha. But Gina is not a one name name. It’s just not. But I like Gina Glockson, you can tell she really wants it. She deserves it, well maybe not “it”, but whatever the 5th place equivalent of “it” is.

Oh god, Sunjaya is up after the break. I’m already scared of his hair…and singing.

It’s a perm! It’s actually a perm! Sunjaya, if a dying Susan Sarandon can out sing you, things are not looking up. Please America do what is right. It was probably the worst performance on Top 12 history.

Speaking of over whelming failures it’s Hayley! Yeah! The one thing going for her is that going after Sunjaya, she sounds like…well.. Diana Ross. But we all know better don’t we. Her performance leaves me wanting to make this public service Idol announcement: If you only have 1 song to remember a week, please try to remember the words. I sit here and waste a bowl of popcorn every week, the least you could do is remember the words. Thank you.

***Also don’t be fooled by Simon’s kind words. He is totally just saying it so that Hayley will get more votes than Sunjaya. Well played Simon, well played. *** (I also loved that the audience applauded Paula saying the audience doesn’t know anything. Gold)

This was definitely Phil’s best performance to date. I think this is mostly because he stayed out of his lower “sucky” register. As long as he sticks to the higher notes Phil is actually Ok. Plus he remembered his words, which is always a plus!

I love that Lakisha is so good that she doesn’t need to get advice on the song itself, but on the mic stand and what to wear. Also, is it rude to say that that dress made her look pregnant? I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just asking. Maybe because it was a great performce, but honestly I was a little bored. Still going to kick Sunjaya ass. Judging from the judjes comments, I was way off, but a blogger is entitled to his own opinion isn’t he?

Talking about people who are in it to win it. Blake Lewis suprises me every week. I loved his update of the song. And his dancing? I can’t remember an Idol actually incorporating dance moves into the show. And for me, they work. I mean obviously he’s got some competition from Melinda and Lakisha but he definitely is the best of the guys, if that is saying anything?

I haven’t been Stephanie’s fan for weeks now. For me, and I’ve said this before, American Idol is about making someone a star who normally wouldn’t have had the chance. Stephanie already knows how good she is and that ruins it for me. Not to take anything away from her great performance tonight, she is just not doing it for me. It was interesting for me that she forgot the words. Maybe it will take her down a notch or 15.

Chris Richardson is next. But let’s skip him for a second. I have no idea who the last singer is going to be. I’m racking my brain and I just don’t know it. But back to Chris, he is giving Blake a run for his money. I fear that they split the audience and one of them might be in the bottom 3! But Chris’ gets props for being the first to use the Idol catwalk.

It’s Jordin. Jordin is last! Thanks Ryan!

I think it’s important that you all know how much I love Land Before Time. Thank you Jordin for the giant flashback. Remember Little Foot and Sarah the Three horn? Ahhhh memories. Oh right back to Jordin. I can’t believe how young this girl is. She is the same age as Sunjaya, did you know that? It just goes to show what a professional she is. I really liked her song tonight, but I think it is because of the Little Foot reference.

Well That’s it!

Should be in the bottom 3: Sunjaya, Stephanie and Hayley

Will be in the Bottom 3: Brandon, Gina and Sunjaya

Going home: Sunjaya (I’ll forgive you for Bush)

Mike Morrison

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  1. O monos apo aftous pou eipes pou ixsyei einai o karvelas.Siga min vazane to nino parousiasti tou Greek Idol. Tha valoune ena lampero onoma gia na kanoun kai kala noumera !!!

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