So due to some random events over the past two days (none of which include neither a lion, a witch or a wardrobe) I have ended up with two Kanye tickets that my poor Inome Tax damaged bank account cannot handle. The concert is here in Calgary at the Saddledome next Friday on May 30th starting at 9pm and features Kanye West, Rhianna, Lupe Fiasco and NERD.

The catch? They are two individual tickets (ie: not together)
Ticket #1: Sec 227, Row 22, Seat 13
Ticket #2: Sec 225, Row 13, Seat 20
both tickets are $80 each (below cost and waaaay below what you’d pay elsewhere!)
So I know it kinda sucks that they are two seats that aren’t together but they are soooo cool for so many other reasons, which may include one or more of the following:
-When you go with someone else to a concert they are always late!
-Maybe the person you end up beside will be fun, single and have access backstage
-Maybe the person you sit beside is also by themselves and won’t mind switching so you and your friend can hang out together
-Concerts are loud, what difference does it make who you sit beside anyway?
-The tickets are below cost. Yeah try to find someone else who is going to sell you Kanye tickets below cost.
-The concert is getting amazing reviews!
You can either buy one ticket or both. I can drop them off any where in Calgary. If you know someone that might be interested please send them this link to get a hold of me: www.miguelmorrison.blogspot.com/2008/05/for-sale-kanye-tickets.html
You can email me at: michaellindseymorrison@gmail.com
The show is sold out so let me know right away!

Mike Morrison