Hey, it’s me.

Still on vacation. Crazy eh? I feel like I’m an MLA or something with so much time off.

The vacation is going great, but the one downfall is that I’m going to miss the Calgary Folk Festival, so I wanted to remind everyone about it so you can all rub it in my face how awesome it was.

Even if you don’t live in Calgary, the line up is certainly worth whatever means of transpertation you have to use to get there? Plane? Bike? Car-jacking? All of these are reasonable options considering the line up includes: The Decemberists, Sarah Harmer, Loreena McKennitt, The Sojourners, Justin Rutledge, Gomez, Steven Page and Arrested Development!

The festival is quickly selling out, the Saturday and the four-day passes are gone like my hair!

Seriously jealous of everyone going.

Now excuse me, as I eat another McLobster.

Mike Morrison