Presented in Partnership with VERSUS

There are so many reasons that living downtown in a city is the best. In Calgary, when you have so many vibrant amazing residences like ONE Properties’ new rental building in the Beltline, called VERSUS, it really is the best. When we play the game of living downtown versus not living downtown – downtown always wins. 

If you don’t believe me, check out these five reasons that living downtown in a VERSUS apartment is a winner.


You don’t need to own a car


Calgary is a car city – yes, I know. However, if you live downtown, you are walking distance from anything you need, there are Car2Go every couple of blocks and the cycle tracks are right there so you can zip around the core safely. How much money would you save if you went carless?

Cultural events right outside your door


Want to go do something fun? There are so many arts and culture events that take place right downtown that would be mere minutes from your living room. Olympic Plaza, Arts Commons, Prince’s Island Park, Shaw Millennium Park, National Music Centre, Glenbow Museum…I could continue, but this is a blog post, not a novel.



All the food

What do you feel like eating tonight? Because I am certain there is a restaurant downtown that has what you are craving. When you are at home and you are hungry and want something quick, you can still go out because all of the restaurants are so close by.

No commute


The worst part of living outside of downtown when you work downtown is the commute. Save yourself your morning sanity by living somewhere where your commute is a short walk or a quick hop on the train to the other side of downtown. Also, riding the train through downtown is free.

The people



There are so many wonderful people living in downtown Calgary. There are people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. You’ll find them in your building, when you’re out on the town or enjoying one of the many activities that downtown has to offer.
Downtown VERSUS not-downtown. 


There is a clear winner.

Mike Morrison