I’ve been blogging for a long time. Nine going on ten years in fact. In that time I’ve amassed more than 4,600 blogs posts. Some good, some bad, but all about the things I love. More than thousands I’ve blog posts, I’ve also amassed some blogger tips along the way. It’s undoubtedly the question I get asked the most: How do I start a blog?

So, with the help of the HP ENVY x360, I thought I’d share some tips with you!

Find a place that works for you!

The trick with this one is once you do find a place that you like to write, it’ll probably change a few hours later. Sometimes I like to work at my home office, other days I do my best work on my couch. Like many writers, you can find me at a coffee shop or even the library. One of the things I’ve been finding handy about the HP ENVY x360 is that it can easily switch between tablet and latop mode, meaning no matter how I feel like working, or what I’m working on, this computer works for me! It’s pretty much the closest thing to entire office you’ll ever want.


Be ready for anything!

At any point, I have probably ten tabs open. Now this might seem chaotic, but not for me. When I’m thinking of blog posts, I go everything for inspiration and news. Twitter, reddit, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, news sites, etc. I’ve been using the HP ENVY x360 for the past couple of weeks and I’ve really been loving the big 15.6″ screen, which makes the tabs easier to see and work with. Now I can easily hop from tab to tab, and hopefully find stories as soon as they happen!  Making it even easier is the Windows 10 update, which features Virtual desktops which allows you to go back and forth between either open apps.  Worse comes to worse, use Cortana, which is like your computers personal assistant to help you out. Basically, you can’t go wrong with anything that’ll save you time!


Find your groove!

With more and more sites coming out with music streaming services, I’ve been slowly figuring out what sort of music works for me when I’m working. Writing involves a ton of focus and I don’t think there’s one type of noise that works for everyone. Some will tell you that they need complete silence, others like to work with some sounds. Me, I’m finding slow jazz is really helping me these days, which is strange because I could have sworn I hated jazz. Actually, maybe that’s why it’s working so well. Maybe I’m working hard so I don’t have to keep listening to jazz. The HP Envyx360 comes with an exceptionally state of the art audio system powered by Bang & Olufsen, making listening to whatever music you’re listening too, incredibly enjoyable.

Time is of the essence!

I honestly didn’t think I’d ever need a touch screen laptop. I mean, clicking with your mouse isn’t that hard. But since the HP Envyx360 has that ability, I’ve sort of become addicted to it. Sure it might only save a second or two, but when you’re able to click on something with your finger, rather than your mouse, well that time really adds up. Between all the things life throws at you, you don’t always have a lot of ton for blogging, so it’s good to save any amount of time that you can! Plus, simply put, it’s really fun to use touch screens. It makes me feel like I’m Penny from Inspector Gadget or something!



Take a break!

Now I won’t pretend to know a lot about graphics, but if you’re going to take a break, and trust me, as a blogger you take lots of breaks, the HP Envyx360 has allowed me to procrastinate on Netflix like never before. The computer looks brilliant with its Full HD 1080p. Am I saying that right? I’m not sure. All I know is that binge watching has never looked so good, and if anyone says you’re slacking, “Just tell them you’re thinking about your next blog post!”


And remember, the most important thing about starting a blog is: Write what you love!  If you don’t love writing it, people aren’t going to love reading it. And at the end of the day, it’s your blog, so write about what you really want, no matter what!

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Mike Morrison


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