By now you’ve heard about the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $2 million in less than ten hours.   As a giant fan of Veronica Mars, I couldn’t be more excited that the show will now be turned into a movie. Although, I haven’t contributed to that specific campaign yet, because I’m waiting for some of the perks to be eligible to Canadians. Which according to the show’s creator Rob Thomas (not that Rob Thomas), will soon be coming.

The idea of reviving a show is certainly nothing new. Netflix is currently reviving Arrested Development. Bravo is having a ton of success with the newest version of Dallas and 90210 is about to finish its fifth season. Here in Canada, you can’t talk TV show revival without mentioning Degrassi, which after 10 years off the air, was revived in 201 by a different network (CTV) and has been a huge hit ever since.

What’s new about this Veronica Mars campaign is that the studio left it up to the fans. Usually we have to wait for the suits to make all the decisions, but the movie idea is now being supported by the fans and that is something we’ve never seen before.

Which got me thinking, what Canadian shows deserve to be brought back from the TV graveyard and made into a movie.

I immediately thought of dozens, but I’m weird and watch more Canadian shows than others, so here’s my Top 5 shows that I’d help fund.

The Raccoons
Original Air date: 1985-1992
The adventures of Bert Raccoon and his friends are stuff of Canadian legend and could easily be turned into a full length movie. Especially now that that most of the show’s original fans have families of their own now (Excluding me.)  Add in the fact that conservation is still a hot-button issue, this movie would be filled with nostalgia and the ever important message of living green.

The Odyssey
Original Air date:  1992-1994

You likely don’t remember this CBC series that usually aired in the late afternoons, but the show had a great story that deserves to be told on the big screen. The Odyssey was about a kid, who after an accident, falls into a coma and then lives in a fantasy world where no one grows older than sixteen. The series bounced between reality and fantasy and lasted for three seasons. Thanks to updates in CGI, this could easily be turned into an epic adventure with some really great twists. As you can see, Ryan Reynolds once guest starred, so bump him up to a major character and bam, you have studio backing! The show’s star Illya Woloshyn, hasn’t been up to much since, so he’d probably be able to return for pretty cheap too!

Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Original Air date: 1991-1996

One of the hottest genres in Hollywood right now is the supernatural horror film and it’s been years since Canada has made a really scary movie.  I say, get the movie funded, ditch the family-friendly ghost story format and go for the real scares. What if ghosts, demons and monsters started haunted the show’s original storytellers? I could totally see this movie told in the first person perspective, just like Paranormal Activity or the Blair Witch Project.

Being Erica
Original Air date: 2009-2011

When the show premiered on the CBC, it was almost instantly given cult status, thanks to a devoted and loyal fan base, not much different than the audience that just gave Veronica Mars $2 million.   While the show finished its fourth season, with a nice little bow, I think any excuse to bring back Erin Karpluk’s near perfect portrayal of Erica, is good enough for me.  The time-traveling format is always popular with film goers and a film would benefit from getting more exposure, especially since it wouldn’t be saddled with that flimsy CBC marketing budget.


Original Air date:  2008-2012

Enrico Colantoni plays Veronica Mars’ dad, so why not continue his luck on Kickstarter by bringing back the show that is still warm after finishing recently airing its series finale late last year. People love a smart action packed movie and the writers of the popular show would definitely be able to come up with a script worthy of the big screen. Add in a bigger budget and we might even get a few real explosions!


What show would you like to see Kickstarted?


UPDATE:  According to Twitter and Facebook, the consensus of the shows I left off the list is Beachcombers, Danger Bay and The Littlest Hobo!  And I have to agree, those movies would be awesome!

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Mike Morrison


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