All week long I’ve been collecting entries for the Fitin15 challenge for TWO Ipod Shuffles.
Here are some of the entries so far:
  • “my favorite thing to do for 15 minutes is to go for a run. I only run for 15 minutes because that’s all I can handle before wanting to collapse in a panting heap on the sidewalk, grabbing at the stitch in my side 🙂 But hey – at least I’m running :)” –catherine
  • “Lie on your back with one knee bent, foot flat on the floor. Keep the other leg straight and raise it as much as you are able. Exhale while lifting the leg. Hold the raise for 2 to 3 seconds. Slowly lower your leg. Repeat on the other side. Try 5 repetitions on each side to start. Gradually work up to 15 repetitions with each leg.”-patrice
  • “I like to do yoga….with ankle and wrist weights on. it makes it more challenging, so hopefully you’re doing it at home, and not somewhere public where you could embarass yourself.also, wii active kicks some ass.”-Megan
  • “Taking a walk around the block after lunch!! I will do this!”-Kathy
  • “officially, my favorite is… Leg Ups! I should just maybe do them more often.”-Colin
  • “My favorite quick exercise on Fit-in 15 is the pelvic lifts!” –jessica
  • “When your watching some TV for the evening, every commercial break do a set of push-ups. Maybe its only 2 or 3 per break. That will soon change to 5 or 6, and if you stick with it, it will be 20. It raises the metabolism for the night, and works the arms and chest. It’s a great way to get some exercise once your in for the night, and you don’t notice the time taken out of your day.”-Ben
  • “I have sex. It takes 15 minutes and my legs are sore when I’m done.” -Megan
  • “My favorite 15 minutes of excersise is speed walking to the giant Crescent staircase downtown and walking up and down it three times.  Short work out but you feel it for the rest of the week and see great results!” – Robyn
  • “I looked at the web site and I realize I do actually exercise everyday.  I walk my dogs 3 times a day morning, after work and bedtime.  (Mom takes them out at lunch time) We often go for 15 min or more each time.  Does that count?” –Margo  (ABSOLUTELY IT DOES!)
  • “Lie with your tummy on the ball and crawl your arms out in-front of you into a push-up position- Do ten push-ups while keeping your balance on the ball (the farther the ball is from your hips, the harder it is)” –Victoria (Victoria actually submitted 5, I picked the one I thought would look the weirdest)

It’s still not too late to enter your name into the draw for the Ipods. All you have to do is check out the Fitin15 website and tell me your favorite excercise. Don’t see yours there? Just email me what you like to do in 15 minutes to stay fit. Remember, keep it clean!

Mike Morrison