What have I gotten myself into?
Starting today I am partaking in the lovely Fit 15 Challenge (website) The challenge is for all of us bloggers who have developed weird looking legs from having lap tops on them every day, all day. I’ve committed myself to at least 15 minutes of exercise every day for the next 7 days!
This would all be fine and dandy except that yesterday, I found out that my injury that has been bugging me for so long is actually a fractured bone in my foot.
Basically this means I will be walking around as much as Elizabeth Taylor acts normal.
But since I probably am the most competitive person you’ve ever met/read, I am not giving up. I am determined to do a solid 15 minutes of exercise everyday until June 26th. Then it is back to chips and onion dip. Speaking of chips, I just threw all of mine out. And the cookies too. If I am going to do this, I’m going to do this properly.
I’m not going to do let myself give up. The people at Fit-in-15 have set up an awesome website that focuses on exercises you can do to in 15 minutes to work on Cardio, Strength and Flexibility. My goal over the next couple of days is flexibility. Maybe cardio and strength after that!
So what’s in it for you?
How about an Ipod Shuffle and a $20 Itunes gift card?!
Check out the Fit-In-15 Website over the next seven days and email me your favorite quick exercise! Don’t see your favorite on the site? Email me something different I can do. I’ll do a draw of all the emails and the Ipod is yours!

Mike Morrison