Chances are, you’re not here to read about ballet, but how about if I tell you about a ballet featuring the music of k.d. lang?  Ahh, that probably got your attention.  Or at the very least, it should.

A few years ago, The Alberta Ballet worked tirelessly to put together a show featuring the music of Red Deer-native k.d. lang and when it premiered, Balletlujah was mind blowing. I still talk about it to this day.  For one, I had no idea so of the songs I had been hearing my whole life were k.d. lang’s, secondly, the choreography by Jean Grand-Maître, to the music of Lang was, as far as I could tell, perfect. It was kind of like a musical, but without anyone singing.

Also unlike a music, people who didn’t get to see the show will now get to do so from the comfort of their own home, sort of.

CBC announced today that in September, they’ll air Balletlujah. Part movie, part documentary about the process of developing the ballet, the special will take the show off of the Jubilee stage and move it to the streets of Calgary and the prairies of Alberta. From the few scenes I’ve looked, it looks really cool.

Plus, as a Canadian, we can never have too much k.d Lang.


Balletlujah will air on September 25th at 8pm

Mike Morrison