Reality TV fans got a treat this week, when producers of the first ever Big Brother Canada posted photos of the house being built on a sound stage in Toronto.

The house features 75,000 feet of wood and 70,000 feet of dry wall. The first thing you’ll notice is that most of the show will take place inside, although there will be a small area outside. Makes sense since the show will be filmed during the winter and spring months, which aren’t typically known for warm temperatures. The Big Brother Canada house will still feature a pool, which gets so much action on other editions of the show, it might as well be a cast member.

Even cooler than the indoor pool is the plan the designers have for the lightening. According ET Canada, the lights will change throughout the day, creating a morning, afternoon and evening effect. The house guests will definitely feel like their living in The Truman Show.

There’s obviously still a ton of work to do on the set, but I’m impressed so far. In my opinion, Canadian shows have long gotten rid of the “Canadian” look and so far, Big Brother Canada is proving that it’ll will be able to compete with its American counterpart.

Big Brother Canada premieres in Early 2013. No host has been announced yet, but my money is on ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey.


Mike Morrison