So I wrote a story for Entertainment Weekly over a month ago about Star Wars, it was well received and it was alot of fun. Now I find out my dear friend* Chris Jericho is featured on the Starwars.com website with his views on StarWars. I’d like to think that he was inspired by my article. So don’t burst my bubble, cause that’s what I’m thinking. Anyway, here’s the link to the article, pretty cool.

He’s actually crushing my shoulder (I’m smiling through the pain)

*I went with his cousin to Celebrity Duets, we got VIP passes and we met back stage. When he was doing press I tried on his clothes and stole stuff from his mini fridge. Plus he hugged me and broke 3 of my ribs. Sounds like friends to me. And yes, I will talk about this trip/experience as much as possible. While my friends are winning Rhode Scholarships and taking over the canadian government, I will continue to relish in meeting B and/or C list celebrities. I have no quams about it!

Mike Morrison