>It was a long cold winter. Well actually here in Calgary it was nice and warm. But for my Tivo…for my Tivo it was a long cold winter. It was filled with crap like One Tree Hill and…well basically a lot of One Tree Hill.

But now it’s the Spring and with the writers strike a distant memory it’s time to welcome back our old favorites….finally.

The first shows back come back today (Monday) and they include: The Big Bang Theory (meh), Two and a Half Men (vomit, gag, puke) and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (yeah, celebrations, dancing, parades)!!!!

I couldn’t be more excited that the cast and crew of HIMYM (what? you wanted me to type it all out again?) were able to put news shows together sooo quickly. And with a couple of weeks until the “Britney” episode now is the perfect time to watch one of the funniest and most creative shows on TV right now. And the best part? After it airs go for a walk during Two and a Half Men and then back for another new episode of The New Adventures of Old Christine which has gotten my highest “laugh-per-minutes” ratio for the entire season. Sorry 30 Rock and The Office.

Over the next couple of weeks you will be seeing a lot of the shows come back for a brand new batch of 4-6 episodes.

Here are the ones you can’t miss:
The Office (April 10th)
30 Rock (April 10th)
Scrubs (April 10th)
Samantha Who? (April 7th)
Grey’s Anatomy (April 24th)
Gossip Girl (April 21st)
Desperate Housewives-cause it’s kinda good again…kinda (April 13th)
Brothers & Sisters (April 20th)
My Name is Earl (April 3rd)
Lost (after this week’s last new episode it will be back on the 24th after Grey’s!)

A couple of favorites would be back until the fall though:
Private Practice (but in the mean time they are shipping Addison back to Seattle Grace for an episode this season)
Pushing Daisies
fingers crossed….Friday Night Lights

And one won’t be back till 2009!
24 (but will have a special 2 hour movie episode in the fall so we don’t forget about them)

So even though it snowed in Calgary today I know that Spring is just around the corner. Not that I’ll be outside enjoying it. Get ready TIVO it’s going to be a busy season.

In the mean time here is a nice video from the How I Met Your Mother cast about their favorite moments on the show:

Mike Morrison