After what seems like a lifetime Sarah Silverman and The Sarah Silverman Program make their triumphant season 2 premiere Thursday night on the Comedy network. Make sure you catch an encore episode from the first season at 11pm and then the new episode will start at 11:30pm. Phew what a night!

(Also, I’ve heard/read that 30 Rocks second episode of the season is one of the funniest things that TV has seen in a really long time. Check it out!)

Feel free to discuss how tonight’s Pushing Daisies has become your favorite new show in the Comments section.

I would also like to discuss Private Practice. I don’t know how many times I swore at the TV while watching it tonight. I thought Addison whining about the rain was annoying, I felt bad for Naomi and her cake problem. No, not because she is single, but because she came off as pathetic. And when I’m not annoyed I’ll tell you how disturbed I was by Cooper (the pediatrician) showing up to play dressup with the little girls. Ugh, this show makes me sad.

Mike Morrison