My home province of New Brunswick is an amazing place. It’s so pretty, safe, quiet, calm and green. It however sucks at reality shows, more specifically finding someone who can actually doing any good on one. First there was Kel from Survivor:Australia who was the 2nd to get the boot, Casey Leblanc on Canadian Idol got to 5th place but that was only because we had nothing better to do that summer and well…I think that is pretty much it.

That all changed when on Monday night, New Brunswick born Elicia MacKenzie won the CBC reality casting-show How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria and also won the lead role in the upcoming Andrew Lloyd Webber produced The Sound of Music show opening in Toronto this fall! While some might dwell on the fact that every website about Elicia describes her as a Vancouverite, New Brunswickers will take anything we can get our little hands on. And since she lived in my former home province for the first 5 years of her life we are officially claiming the win as our own!

Congrats Elicia, maybe I’ll run into you at the Regent Mall some day.

Mike Morrison