As many of you know, I have always wanted to be “Idol”ized. But since I can neither sing or dance, my options have been limited to paying people to worship my every move.

Luckily for my bank account AM 770, a talk radio station in Calgary, has started their second season of Talk Show Idol and after a rigorous round of interviews (think Wipeout meets The Exorcist), I am so pumped to finally announce that I am one of the Final 12 finalists!

My semi-final round will be airing live on AM 770 at 6pm Calgary time (5pm in Vancouver, 8pm in Toronto, 9pm in the Maritimes) on September 22nd (this Monday!). Immediately afterward and for 5 days after I would love if you guys all voted! Even if you can’t find yourself close to a radio or computer than don’t worry, they post all the pieces immediately after the show finishes airing!

As always, I’m so grateful to have such amazing and supportive friends and readers and I thank you so much in advance of me taking the Idol crown!

I created a Facebook group today for it and it already has over 100 members. Feel free to join as I will be sending out reminders about the showtimes and voting information!

Mike Morrison