Today marks the final day of the Fitin15 Challenge that I’ve been participating in all week.  After checking out the website and reading all the entries in my contest all week, I’d like to take a moment and reflect on the important lessons learned through this challenge.

1. You have to ask people to be your walking partner.  You can’t just follow strangers on a path.

2. After wearing an air cast for the past week, I’m not above asking an elderly woman to help me cross the street.
3. Walking is an exercise that was lost on me.  Even if it is to McDonalds.
4. My readers are healthier and hornier than me.
5. Apparently all those people running, aren’t running from something, they are doing it for fun.
So even though the challenge is officially done, I think it’s great to know how easy it is to incorporate fitness into my life. Even if it means closing my laptop….but just for 15 minutes.

Mike Morrison