>Everyone knows that I am addicted to reality TV. Whether it’s the Hills, The Real World, the short lived Nashville or the long forgotten The Lofters. It doesn’t even matter if it’s good reality TV, I’ll watch. Well actually, even I have to draw the line at Life of Ryan. But for the most part if there are cameras and somebody leading what can be perceived as a dramatic life, you better believe I’ll be there watching with my Lays Wavy Original chips and glass of milk.

But I’m in the minority. People are turning their backs on the reality genre and I’ve had to start hiding my secret shame. The summer months are an especially hard time for my addiction as most people look down on someone sitting on their couch watching other people live out their lives as opposed to actually living out my life.

So I was really excited when I read about a new movie coming to theatres this summer. It’s called American Teen and it is a documentary about the senior year of 6 students graduating from a high school in Warsaw, Indiana. While a documentary isn’t exactly a reality show, meaning it probably doesn’t have a script, it will definitely have to be my fix.

This is how I see the conversation between my roommate and I going this summer:

me: hey Alison, I’m going out.
alison: really? like leaving the apartment? in the sun?
me: yeah!
alison: to do laundry?
me: heck no, it’s not the first of the month.
alison: so like…i can turn the TV off?
me: um…i guess yeah. gently.
alison: when will you be back?
me: 90 minutes…depending on the previews
alison: previews? where are you going?
me: um no where. out.
alison: ok….bye?

I’ll totally have her fooled. Unless she reads this. Crap.

Anyway here is the trailer for American Teen, which opens July 25.

Mike Morrison