>Happy Friday! In honor of the letter ‘F’, here are a few of my Favorite ‘new’ Things!

Favorite New Blog:
A wonderfully hilarious blog about a single girl looking for love in Toronto. Like many of young Canadians, she uses Plenty of Fish to fin dating prospects. And like everyone on PoF, she got sick of all the random messages from all the skeezes on the popular dating website. So she decided to do something about it and now on a weekly basis, she posts her replies to the seemingly endless line of sad-sacks that contact her.
Here’s a taste of her email replies:
“I’m glad that you enjoyed viewing my profile. I, on the other hand, cannot reciprocate those sentiments. After reading your message, and glancing over your profile, I find myself in a terrible depression. I know what you’re thinking – “this shortie be trippin’ cuz Valentine’s day be right ’round the corner and she ain’t got no man”. Well no, that’s not the reason t francois. The reason that I’m finding myself wearing a heavy heart, is the total failure of the Canadian education system as proven through your message. “
Favorite New Twitter Feed
The best part about being a best man, is being able to play pranks on groom. And this is the ultimate prank. An anonymous man in England has set up a Twitter account, but this isn’t any normal Twitter account. Basically anytime the bed’s occupants start doing….it, it sends a message to Twitter. Then the account tweets when the action starts and then when it stops.
It’s been going on for two months and the groom still has no idea!
The jig will be up on February 26th, when the Best Man finally tells the groom and bride about his big prank! Follow it while you can!
Sample tweet:
They’re off the job! #18 – Action concluded at 17.41GMT. Duration: 32m.25 s. Frenzy Index: 2

Favorite Video I can’t stop watching:
A new viral video comparing the openings scenes of Lost’s first and last season premiere. Can you spot all the differences?

Mike Morrison