>Anyone that loves TV as much as I do, knows that this week is upfront week for the networks. What that means is that everyone is announcing what shows are getting renewed, which ones are getting cancelled and which ones are on their way.

There is a lot of information out there to digest, so I though I would make it easier for you.
This news makes me….
Better Off Ted was miraculously renewed.  Anyone looking for an Arrested Development replacement, look no further than this funnier than you know it sitcom on ABC.
Samantha Who? was surprisingly canceled.  ABC treated it like it was Rihanna in it’s second season, but with such a stellar cast.  It deserved much better.  
My Name Is Earl was laid off.  I forget this show was on.  I feel like it was my fault.
After what seems like 25 years, According to Jim was finally shot in the throat and punched in the face.  By that I mean cancelled.  It is good day.
I joined the Privileged train too late and I think I missed a great show.  Especially since it was cancelled and won’t see a second season.
happier than happy.
I know I”m not the target demo for New Adventures of Old Christine, but I’m it’s biggest fan.  You have no idea how funny this show is.  You should, you really should.
Not that Heroes was obviously renewed, but that people still watch this once stellar show.
Watching the clip (below) from Courtney Cox-Arquette‘s new comedy, Cougartown, reminded me how good she was as Monica on FRIENDS.  I’m happy to have her back in my life.
For a complete list of canceled/renewed shows, check out EW’s amazing list!

Mike Morrison