Sad day for Canadian television. Earlier this morning, CITY TV announced they were doing restructuring. In more honest terms, a lot of good people got laid off today.

So far in Calgary, Aisling Slattery announced via twitter that she has been let go. Slattery worked on Breakfast Television, News @Noon and the regular news anchor! Also Sandra Jansen and Jebb Fink will no longer be working for CITY TV Calgary. They hosted the popular Your City.
Calgary’s version of Breakfast Television will also be shortened to three hours, cut back from it’s usual four. Noon News, City Show, Your City are all done as well.
In Toronto, on-air personalities Anne Mroczkowski and Lara DiBattista have also been asked to leave. The complete Toronto list includes: Pam Seatle, Marian Dimain, Merella Fernandez, Farah Nasser and Michael Serapio.
CITY TV in Vancouver and Edmonton also saw big layoffs.
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Mike Morrison

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