Holy Jean Chretien it actually happened!

Being Erica has been renewed for a third season! CBC hasn’t announced it yet, but trust me. It is true. So very true. I got a very reliable email today confirming all the details!

No word on the storylines for season 3 yet, but shooting starts on May 17th! So I’m working hard on getting some more details!

I’m so excited to have Erin Karpluk but on our TV screens. I can now end my 5 hour hunger strike!

Congrats Canadian TV, this is definitely a huge win!

Mike Morrison


  1. Until the official announcement by CBC, I will reserve my YAYAYAYAYAY! But YAY, that’s really great news.

  2. >I already knew this, because I facebooked one of the shows creators and she told me firsthand. I never repeated it, because I think she said it in confidence…but now that the word is out, I can confirm. 🙂

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