>I know I don’t really have to do this because Being Erica  has already been renewed for a second season on CBC.  But, I was flipping through my Entertainment Weekly and I stumbled upon a little review for tonight’s Being Erica.

Check out what they had to say:
The single-gal dramedy has an embattled history (RIP Men in Treesand The Ex List)Men in Treesand The Ex List). But this Canadian find rises above it with an existential twist: Thirtysomething Erica Strange (the charming Erin Karpluk) gets a do-over on her most regretful moments thanks to a swarthy guardian-angel type. Tonight, as she ponders her relationship with her male best friend, she goes back to a mid-20s near-lesbian encounter. As always, Erica finds insight in what could be cliché territory: It’s not about hot girl-on-girl; it’s about how we decide who’s a friend and who’s more. A —Jennifer Armstrong

No, your eyes aren’t mistaken. That is indeed an A rating.
If I legally and literally marry both a TV show and a magazine, you would all be getting a “save the date.” card in the mail.  I would like to point out that the “lesbian friend” is Anna Silk, who I cannot give enough love to!  What? Not like you wouldn’t give endless love to a girl from the same hometown as you making it big!  Go Anna!

Thanks EW!
Being Erica airs tonight on the SoapNet in the states.
Or catch up with full length episode on CBC’s website.

Mike Morrison