In case you’ve ever questioned my love of Entertainment Weekly, here is a perfect example why:

Degrassi’s new movie Degrassi Takes Manhattan is featured in the magazine’s newest issue, which is out today!  Like the muppets, the movie sees the gang storm the Big Apple.  If you watched last week’s episode, Holly J (Claire Arnold) found out that her boyfriend was moving back to NYC and he landed her a summer internship there!

The movie kicks off a HUGE event for the ten-year old series (Degrassi has been around for THIRTY years!)  New episodes of the show will start airing July 19th EVERY NIGHT on MuchMusic for six weeks leading up to what is already being called the “biggest event in Degrassi history!”

Check out the brand spankin’ new trailer for the 45 episodes.  This is not your mama’s Degrassi, Gossip Girl should watch her back.  Literally. Holly J is crazy and she is in New York.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Mike Morrison