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This past summer I had the chance to go to Toronto and catch two shows that I keep meaning to write about. The first is the well known and obscenely offensive Avenue Q. The second is the lesser known Evil Dead: The Musical. Dead played in Toronto and NYC for years and has built up quite the loyal, if not cultish, audience.

I freaking loved the show so much that I got a poster (–>) of it wood-laminated and put in my office.
So you can imagine how sad I was when it closed a couple of weeks after seeing it over the summer.
Well as luck would have it, it was just announced today that Calgary’s Ground Zero Theatre (the guys that brought Urinetown to the city) will be producing Evil Dead: The Musical as apart of it’s newest season!
Yes, Evil Dead is a musical and it is freaking AWESOME. And I know that a lot of people hate musicals but this isn’t your typical musical and you’ll probably be able to convince even the manliest man to go see it. How can anyone not love a show with songs like: “Blew that bitch away,” and “All the Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian Demons“?
Oh and let’s not forget about the “splatter zone” which means the first three rows get covered in “blood” (see picture below). It’s like watching Shamu at Seaworld, but instead of being splashed with water and laughing, you get covered in blood while screaming.
Like I said, awesome.
The show starts previews in May 2009 but I have no doubt tickets for this show are going to go fast, if not for the fact that I’ll hopefully be going every night. Last time I was too chicken to sit in the first three rows, but not this time. I’m going to buy a white t-shirt and white pants-yes, WHITE PANTS and make the most of it!
Well done Ground Zero, well done indeed.

Me with a victim of the Toronto production’s splatter zone!

Mike Morrison