I don’t really talk about her a lot, but have a niece who is seriously awesome. She’s only six years old, but she is the most street smart kid I’ve ever met.  Seriously, she’s so freaking cool.

That’s why when the MuchMusic SodaPop ended up in Fredericton, NB this week, I sent her to check it out for me.  I gave her strict instructions to write me back with a review and to be brutally honest.

Here’s what she thought of the tour that features Emily Osment from Hanna Montana fame:

“I loved it! I love the hip hop dudes (W.O.W) because the guy could do cartwheels and flips. I love Emily Osmont because I like her songs and I love her shirt and the hand writing on the shirt.
Everybody sang a few songs. Bubbles came out of the ceiling. I got to stand in the front by the stage and I got jumped on. This hurt my belly.”

Now that’s a review! We got to hear about the concert, the pyrotechnics and she rounded it up with a little health update!  (What’s not to love?!  Don’t worry, I have it on good authority that her belly has recovered nicely.)

My sister Natasha wanted me to add that Brianna made it to the front of the mosh pit. She ran up like she was an expert! Somebody even tried to push her she gave a little push back and a stare that could hurt!!!

Seriously, I love this girl.  Can a six year old have a blog?  Who can make this happen!?

Mike Morrison


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