If you watched Top Chef Canada last night, then you already know, but if you didn’t. Here’s the great news: The Top Chef Canada finally will air on June 10th and it takes place in Calgary!

(And breathe)

This is a secret that I’ve been keeping since last August when I…wait for it….saw it all go down! I can’t say how I was involved, but it was definitely very, very cool. Whether or not me eating some delicious dishes will make the final edit, is yet to be seen, but I still remember how amazing the food was and isn’t that the real prize?

So, here’s what we know about the Calgary-based finale:

-The Quickfire challenge takes place on Prince’s Island Park and it asks the final three chefs to create and execute their very own food truck.

-The Elimination Challenge takes place in Rush Restaurant and Bar in the city’s downtown where the chefs must each prepare a stellar five-course meal that best reflects their talents.

-The special guest judge for the Elimination Challenge is Top Chef Canada season 1 finalist Connie DeSousa, co-executive chef and co-owner of CHARCUT Roast House.

-Guest taster includes Jann Arden and Rush Restaurant owner Lance Hurtubise.

The finale will air on June 10th on Food Network Canada and I’m sure will be packed with a ton of surprises!

Mike Morrison

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  1. I’ll watch the finale, but I still don’t like how Shereen (?) treated Becky this season. Some of her comments were personal and uncalled for. Was it really necessary for her to tell Becky, “Do you think you’re so perfect that you don’t have to listen to what we tell you?” I hope they replace her with someone with more class next season.

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