Halloween means lots of things for lots of people, but for me, I can’t think of today without thinking about the classic  song “C’est L’Halloween.”  If you spent only day in a classroom learning french, you’ve heard of this song.  Just hearing the song means it’ll be stuck in your head and while not scientifically proven, you’ll likely be humming it for at least a few days, if not longer.

Thanks to the power of the internet and a fun CBC Music interview with the song’s creator, Matt Maxwell, I’ve been able to dig up some fun facts about what I consider the greatest Canadian song ever. (Sorry, “Cuts like a knife.”)

Fun facts:

-The song is 32-years old! It was written way back in 1981!

matt_sm-While it’s a well known as a french-Canadian song, it was actually written in Halifax when Maxwell was a teacher.

-Maxwell actually quit his job after the success of the song and became a children’s performer!

1b5b07b50728abee379f9f822961794c.image.250x247-He has a Juno nomination for Best Children’s Album for Le Loup du Nord. He lost to Fred Penner (natch) and duo Connie Kaldor and Camen Campagne.

-Matt Maxwell also put out six albums! None of them celebrated a holiday like C’est L’Halloween.

-Even scary rockers think it’s cool.

-He wrote it the day before Halloween. “Oh, it’s Halloween tomorrow. I have to write a song for my students.’ That’s essentially what I did. And I tried it out the next day with my Grade 4, 5, and 6s.”

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 6.58.40 AM-You can find different versions of the song on iTunes.

-The song sold more than 40,000 copies, making it certified Gold!

Mike Morrison