A couple of days my friends told me that Stephen Harper had prorogued government. My reaction was to reach for the cream that helped me when I had a similar problem. Once my friend explained what prorogued actually meant, I was confused. But no one else seemed to be making a big deal about it, so I went back to reflecting over pictures of that rash.

That was Monday.
Since then, all hell has broken loose! Everyone is all up in arms about the Government being closed for no apparent reason. Harper says it’s because of the Olympics. I couldn’t help but notice that this was around the same time that Olympic tickets started showing up in the mail. Did our Prime Minister end up getting tickets to women’s curling? If so, I’ll see you there!
Even if politics even aren’t your cup of tea, I definitely think that you should take some time to learn what is going on. It’s been a while since the actions of Parliament Hill has garnered so much interest!
  • There is already a giant facebook group with over 78,000 members since last Wednesday….
  • ….even though True/Slant’s Colin Horgan thinks the Facebook group won’t make much of a difference.
  • Rick Mercer had this to say in his Globe and Mail column: “Even Afghanistan, where Canadians are dying, has a parliament that’s open for business.”
  • Still confused? The simplest explanation of why Harper would prorogue came from Montreal’s The Gazette: “Well, he gets control of the Senate. By filling five vacancies, the Conservatives will outnumber the Liberals there for the first time, and will gain control of the Senate committees. On the House side, committees do not sit while Parliament is not in session, which means the committee on Afghan detainees cannot sit until the House comes back for the new session with a throne speech on March 3, followed by the budget the next day.”
  • Don’t bother trying to call VISA and ask them if you can prorogue your bill. They won’t do it, I already tried.
So what about you? Are we all just bored and making a big deal out of nothing?

Mike Morrison


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