I haven’t spent a lot of time talking about So You Think You Can Dance Canada, no particular reason aside from the sheer anger that fills by body by the way host Leah Miller pronounces Canada and the fact that there are no maritimers to root for.

Yes, I know I live in Calgary now, but that doesn’t mean I still still root for the home team. Even though they never, ever get chosen. Hmm, sounds like me in high school.

Anyway, something about SYTYCDC did get my attention this week when they announced a national 15 city tour, “which offers fans from across Canada the chance to see the country’s most talented dancers performing their hottest routines in hip-hop, contemporary, ballroom, tango, mambo and salsa”, will not be making a stop in the maritimes. Sorry New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland, even though most of you have been around since confederation (which was signed in PEI) you are not apart of this national tour which doesn’t go further east than Montreal, which is a nine hour drive to the closest major maritime city.

But don’t worry Kelowa, B.C, with your population a third of Halifax’s, you will be getting one of the first tour stops.

Look, I know that the maritimes are small, but if there are four provinces that have more talented, passionate and energetic fans and performers I like to meet them. They simply don’t exist and yet maritimers continously get the shaft. And not in that cool 70’s cop kind of way.

I understand the econmics of a tour are expensive but don’t say you are doing a national tour when you simply aren’t. Leaving out four provinces and three territories (whaddup NWT, Yukon and Nunavut), is one thing, but to simply ignore their existence in your press realeases and advertisements is simply un-canadian.

tour dates include:
toronto, montreal, edmonton, calgary, kingston, vancouver, thunder bay, sudbury, ottawa, saskatoon, winnipeg, regina, kelowna, hamilton and london

Mike Morrison