It seems that Canadian broadcasters might have a case of the Katie Couric-itis!

Last week, CTV announced that Lisa LaFlamme would be taking over Lloyd Robertson‘s seat for the CTV National News and then just this morning Global TV announced that Emmy Award-winning journalist DawnaNever met a lipstick I didn’t like!” Friesen will take over for Kevin Newman on Global National.

All of a sudden Peter Mansbridge is in the minority!  (Now is your chance Wendy Mesely!)

I honestly don’t have a preference if my evening news anchor is a boy or girl, as long as they have a catchy sign-off.  (I’m still bummed that Ryan Seacrest dropped Seacrest-out.  I thought it worked.)

Either way it certainly is interesting that so many major networks seem to be switching to the female persuasion.  Maybe Lilith Fair is still relevant after all!

Mike Morrison


  1. I have not checked in here for some time because I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are good quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

  2. You blog and aricles just reek of that whole older women thing which has been proven to belong square in the lap of young male perverts and thats where it should stay. NOONE IS INTO IT. Thw whole older women trip is disresepcful and shows you as possible an internet porn site addict. I for one am not into it and I’m prety sure everyone else agrees, bashing older women or labelling them esp as SCARY or COUGAR is extremely disrepecyful and jsut simply looks bad on you. Im kind of revolted

  3. Um. Your article on stampede food was pretty good but a little but brash. One major critisism,. The whole sexist stereotyping thing: SCARIEST CAFETERIA LADY. I don’t like it when people stereotype women who traditionally get stuck with sh*tty jobs because men hog the entire economy and take advantage of women and children by paying them less and making them work for slave labor. Then visiting your blog, I see a comment about Lilith Fair being irrelevent. I dont know anythign about lilith fair but its female oriented and that seems to irk your craw. You seem to find women irrelevant and easy to stereptype. SCARY” Doesn’t that have sexual undertones? Let me guess, your from Calgary, the chauvinist capital of canada where the boys still hit the women adn domestic violence doesnt get police attention and its still popular for males to bash women. Thats out everywhere else so your showing your ‘local’ talent. The article really stood out. A word of advice. If you think about Cafeteria Lady as someones mother who maybe had a hard life rasing kids instead of as a sexual partner you might reduce some of your chldish fears. Im positive shes not coming to get you. Women arent sexually aggressive like males so you might want to get your head out of your *ss on that one. Yea, just quit piggy backing on womens misfortunes and oppression as a pathetic way to somehow make yourself more popular, well, if it does make you more popular its among the wrong audiences anyway.

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