Oh Canadians, we complain constantly about the winter, but when it comes down to it, we really know how to make lemonade out of lemons, or in this case, snowballs out of snow.

Recently the students at the University of Toronto came up with an idea to both deal with winter and help relieve some midterm exam stress.  (Part of me wants to tell them that if they’re that stressed about midterms, just wait until they graduate…but anyway.)

The snowball fight only had a few rules:
No foreign objects, keep it below the neck and no hitting innocent bystanders.

It would have been neat if they had set up some obstacles, sort of like Hunger Games styles, but with less death.

Here’s a another video of the same snowball fight.

It’s surprising that snowball fights haven’t become more of a thing here in Canada. A few years ago, I got to check out the Yukigassen (or Snow Battle) in Jasper, it was basically a professional snowball fight, with teams and referees and everything. The year I was there, one of the teams were the stars of a Japanese reality show, it was pretty funny. In Japan it’s actually a real sport and I’ve heard rumours that they want to turn it into an Olympic sport. Now that would be awesome!

Mike Morrison