Who saw that coming?  The young hunky Nico guy won So You Think You Can Dance Canada!  How completely unpredictable.  I’m shocked.  I’m dumbfounded.  I can’t believe the tween girls didn’t vote for one of their own.  Again=shocked.
Does sarcasm transfer well on blogs?
I was all pumped to watch the finale last night only for my new drinking game.  I would take a shot every time a guy appeared shirtless during the 2 hour finale.  Unfortunately, I was at the hospital getting my stomach pumped before the second commercial break.
But seriously folks.  Congrats to Allie from Calgary.  2nd place isn’t too shabby at all.  Just ask Bo Bice…oh wait…on second thought.
I hear that U of C has an excellent dance program…..I’m just saying.
And now that SYTYCDC is done can we PLEASE have canadian versions of The Amazing Race and/or Survivor.
Both shows are always in the Top 20 for Canadian ratings and after last weeks events in Ottawa, you know that Canadians on Survivor would be just as entertaining as those Americans.  
The Amazing Race Canada would be awesome too.  Could you imagine:
“Sorry, no you go first.”
“No you.”
“Please, I insist.  You worked really hard today.”
“You too!”
Come on CTV and Global get your acts together!!!

Mike Morrison