Dear Parents,

The winter season is slowly creeping upon us. Before you know it the chill in the air will be as constant as car accidents on a Canadian Highway.

While we are waiting for old man Winter to settle in for the next couple of months may I offer a single suggestion for you and your kids? Buy them some winter clothes and once you do that teach them how do use it! Here is a quick rule of thumb I like to use: Zippers should be zipped, toques do not belong in hands and mittens and gloves do not belong in pockets.

I’ve always been fascinated by the 12-18 year olds who some how think that being warm is “un-cool”. They walk around with their jackets wide open as if heat is the new Stonewash. They also refuse to wear proper clothing on their heads and on their hands. Hey kids, know what is un-cool? Hypothermia. Just ask Jack Dawson (google it). Let’s see how cool you are when your nose turns black and your fingers fall off. Also, while I’m on the subject, what is with kids always having one earphone in their ear when they are walking around? Either commit to your Ipod or not. Same goes for those kids who share their Earphones while walking around Chinook. I can’t wait for the day when you realize just how gross that is.

I was never like your kids. I wore snow pants to high school and I still invest good money on the best toques and gloves Thinsulate has to offer. The way I figure it is that I’m paying good money to stay warm in my apartment, I’m not going to waste that previously invested heat! That’s just ridiculous.

So parents please. Before you let your kids out of the house make sure they are properly dressed. You don’t have to have a lot of money to make sure your kids stay warm, plus there are a lot of great organizations like Coats for Kids that will make sure your kids stay warm during our seemingly 11 month Winters. Oh and while you are at it, remind them how gross sharing earphones really is.



Mike Morrison