There are a couple of things that I am proud of.

Still living in Calgary, never missing a car payment and I have never ever watched an episode of Dancing with the Stars.
I’ll be honest, the whole craze of the show has always confused me.  I don’t really see the point of it, but I certainly recognize that if you are D-List celebrity with a dwindling career, Dancing with the Stars is definitely for you.
So you can imagine my surprise/frustration when tonight ABC premiered Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann.  I mean really do we really need another dance show?  We already have So You Think You Can Dance? (Canadian version coming soon), Dancing with the Stars (plus the Quebec version), Dancelife, Triple Threat and The Pussycat Doll reality show.
If you have a roommate who is professional dancer like I do, these shows are pretty inexcapable.  She loves to watch all of them and while we were watching….I mean while she was watching Dance Wars, I asked her if she was getting sick of all of these dance shows. She said no and we discussed the pros and cons and she didn’t really agree with me.  But she doesn’t have a blog, so I guess I win.
Dancing is cool and all.  But enough already, we get it!  Eventually aren’t we going to run out of great dancers?  Just ask American Idol’s Jordin Sparks.  Is she really the best singer in America or is she just what’s left?
And can we just talk about Dance Wars for a second?  Did they really just audition in Nashville?  Maybe we missed something.  And that final dance number?  Pretty much the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen since that time I wore a cupcake costume in front of my Middle School and sang “Happy Birthday Sweet 16!”. 
Yes.  It was that bad.
Please writers please.

Mike Morrison