I don’t talk much about Desperate Housewives, sure I still watch it every week, but I think it’s more out of habit than necessity. But I was excited to watch Sunday night’s 100th episode because I knew they would have something juicy up their sleeves.

Turns out they didn’t.

Instead they had Eli Scruggs (Beau Bridges). Scruggs was the handy man that we never really saw on the show before. At the beginning of the episode he had a heart attack, then through a series of flashbacks, we saw stories and secrets we never knew about the housewives before, all through the eyes of Scruggs. Sure it was sorta a tacky device (I’m talking to you nikki and paulo on Lost), but in this case it was really effective and I ended up enjoying the really episode. We found out that Lynette once left Penny in the car, Scruggs was the last person to see Mary Alice alive, Edie was once married to a gay guy and Susan was also a needy emotional wreck.

So I too would like to thank Eli Scruggs, you made me enjoy Desperate Housewives again. And that ain’t no easy task!


(Not only was this Desperate Housewives 100th episode, this was also my 1200 post!!! Let’s hope I don’t also have a heart attack on a neighbors roof!)

Mike Morrison