>Hopefully by now you already know what Earth Hour is all about. The global movement has been building since it’s incepetion only three years ago.

In case you don’t know, here is a nice little introduction in video-form, explaining one of the coolest global events our generation has ever been apart of.

I know Earth Hour is still a couple of days away, but I wanted to give everyone enough notice. That way they can figure out what they are going to do to celebrate.

I’m going to be in Vancouver this weekend, so I’m sure that city is going to have lots of stuff on the go. Sadly, in Calgary during last year’s Earth Hour, power consumption actually went up. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again…..

Actually, speaking of Vancouver. Miss 604 is giving away two Energy Saving prize packs to celebrate Earth Hour. Click here to enter.
So how are you going to celebrate?

Mike Morrison