>Four things that might surprise you about Bride Wars:

  • If you secretly hate Anne Hatheway because she is so pretty, than watching Bride Wars on blu-ray will probably just invoke said rage. But if you think Hatheway would look amazing even if she got run over with a spiky steamroller. Than blu-ray is for you. HD is her friend.
  • The Supporting Cast: Candice Bergen, Casey Wilson, Kristen Johnston and all the bridesmaids perk up the normally stale scenes.
  • Fun Bonus Features: Hollywood spares no expense when it comes to wedding movies. And with the “Whats that going to cost you!” pop up feature, you can see how much every thing would cost you, if you wanted to have your own bride war…with your credit card company! There is also a really in depth featurette on New York’s The Plaza Hotel. You know, for all you Home Alone 2 fans out there. And with the The Perfect White Dress featurette, I’ve learned more about Vera Wang than I could ever have wanted.
  • I’m not going to say I loved the movie, but it wasn’t made for people like me, so this isn’t shocking. But if you love Bride Wars and end up buying it, you are in luck becauce you get the Blu-ray, the regular DVD and a digital copy all in one case.. It’s nearly impossible to have any more Bride Wars in your life.

Bride Wars is available on on Blu-Ray Disc.

Mike Morrison