The disaster flick 2012 hit DVD shelves today.

Have you seen it already? I’ll admit it, I ignored it in theatres but thought I’d give the blu-ray a try. That way, if it was really bad, I could turn it off and return to my Buffy re-runs.
If you are like me and avoided the movie, here is a list of reasons why you might want to give it a shot.
5 Reasons why 2012 isn’t as bad as you think:
1. Woody Harrelson. What the hell else do you need to know?
2. Dogs always survive disaster movies. None are as cute (or lucky) as the super pampered lap dog featured in this film.
3. It is encouraging. You’ll feel like you too can fly a plane after only one practice session.
4. You’ll learn stuff: Children can hold their breath under water for 43 minutes.
5. Africa comes up the winner, big time.

Mike Morrison


  1. >Ah! This is perfect! Thank you for dispelling many
    misunderstandings I had seen on this recently.

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