Calgary is getting a pet hotel. And I don’t mean a hotel for humans travelling with pets. It’s literally a hotel just for cats and dogs, because they deserve a stay-cay every now and then, too. And let me tell you, it is everything you and your pets have ever dreamed of. And the best part is that it’s right downtown. For years, urban pet-owners and those lucky enough to bring their pooches to work in the core, haven’t had a place for their pets to hang out, but now they do!

  1. It’s called The Petropolitan (or The Pet, for short).
  2. It’s located between the Calgary Tower and the Fairmont Palliser on 9 Ave SW.
  3. It’s Calgary’s first downtown doggy daycare (sorry, cats, only doggos for the day-time), but cats can take advantage of the business’s spa and hotel services.
  4. The day-time doggy daycare hours are generous (6:00 AM – 8:00 PM)
  5. The Pet offers a range of spa services for cats and dogs, which includes your standard haircut and nail trim, as well as something called a Blueberry Facial.
  6. The Pet also offers valet and chauffeur services for pet pick-up and drop-off, just to make the whole experience that much smoother for you and your furry friend.
  7. The overnight accommodations are LUXURIOUS. Cats and dogs are both offered a choice of either a Condo (basic single-occupancy) or a Suite, which is a next-level space made to feel just like home, with a double bed, side tables, lamps, a TV, fresh linens delivered daily, and even a little fireplace. (Author’s note: It honestly sounds nicer than my apartment and I wouldn’t be surprised if my dog never wanted to come home after a long weekend at The Pet.)
  8. The Pet is opening in February 2019. That’s like any day now!
  9. You can make a reservation now to make sure your furbaby is one of the first Calgary pets to experience The Pet.
  10. So far we’ve only seen some behind-the-scenes sneak peeks of the hotel on Instagram, but we can’t wait to see more!

Emma Stevens