I don’t really consider myself a bossy person.  Controlling, manipulative and whiny, sure, but bossy, not so much.

But can you please download this new song by one of my favourite singers? I have no investment in this, other than the fact that I want you to have good, no great, music on your iPod.

It’s called Follow and it’s by Calgary’s Michael Bernard Fitzgerald. It’s the lead single off of his upcoming album and it’s good.  So great.  A fun mix between pop, rock and folk.  But this isn’t Rolling Stone, so just download it now.  Do yourself a favour and send me gifts of gratitude later. And I mean really, at 99¢, what’s the point in not downloading it?  And if I’m wrong, well I won’t pay you back, but I will recommend that you get better taste in music.

Click here to download it.

Mike Morrison