>You never know what is going to happen on live tv.

That’s what anchor Randene Neill from The Noon News on Global TV in BC discovered on Tuesday, when they had two very lively dogs on set for an SPCA segment.

Watch the video to see what I’m talking about, but I think the screen captures below give you the gist.

I wish I could remember how many times I watched this video, I’m honestly going to estimate around twelve. Each time I end up howling with laughter. It’s so crazy the way the segment falls apart so quickly, to the point where the lady from the SPCA asks, “why do we even do this?” Especially after she initially describes the dog as “beautiful” and “calm”.

What makes me laugh even harder are all the people laughing in the background while co-host essentially gets sexually assaulted by a very cute dog by the name of Ginger.

Watch the video yourself and tell you don’t want to adopt these dogs.

Here is the link to the Surry BC SPCA if you think you are up to the challenge!

Even Weather/Traffic reporter Wesla Wong can’t seem to keep it together.

Such a great TV moment.

Mike Morrison


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