I just had a quick question. Does anyone care that either The X Files:I want to believe or Step-Brothers is opening this weekend? It’s okay if you do, I’m just wondering because I’ve seen tons of ads for both but I can’t help but feel that there is literally no buzz for either film. Which makes me think the following numbered things:

1)I never watched the X-Files and depending on the reviews I actually might go check out the movie. Unless no one else goes. I hate being the only one in the theatre. It would be a serious step back in my ultimate goal getting someone to think that I was/am cool/hip.

2)If Will Ferrell’s newest movie is a flop maybe he’ll stop making the same movie over and over again. Oh wait, that would be a good thing. Too bad they announced yesterday that they are working on Anchorman 2.

3)If Step-Brothers is a flop maybe John C Reilly will get back on the respectable train that he once was the conductor of before Mr. Farrell came along.

4)Is there anything that The Dark Knight won’t destroy this weekend?

So what about you? Are you excited for either of these movies? If so: why? Be honest. Even if honesty means that you are being dragged to either of them because it is a first date and you don’t want to turn down free popcorn. I would absolutely accept that answer. I would be jealous, but I would be accepting.

Mike Morrison