Have I ever told you that I’ve always wanted to be a stand up comedian? It is true. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m too terrified to do it, I think I might be average-to-okay. I should be used to it, people have been laughing at me for years. Or is it with me? Definitely one of them.
But since I can’t do it, I’ve always had so much respect for the people that can.
So if you are one of those brave people who think you can do stand up, I wanted make sure you all knew about The Yuk Yuk’s Great Canadian Laugh Off!
The contest is for aspiring comedians who wouldn’t mind winning a giant cheque worth $25,000.
If you think you are funny (or know that someone is), make sure you go to YuksYuksLaughOff.com
You can register in a couple of different categories: Canadian Amateur, Canadian Professional, American Amateur, American Professional, International Amateur or International Professional.
Finalists perform for the distinguished panel of celebrity judges:
• Eddie Bill, Comedy Booker for The Late Show with David Letterman
• Michelle Daly, Director of Content for The Comedy Network
• Ashley Olivia, Comedy Booker for Conan O’Brien
• Bruce Hills, Chief Operating Officer of Just for Laughs
Sadly, now Ashley Olivia will probably ask for a cut of your winnings.
Good Luck! If you can you do it, I got nothing but respect for you!

Mike Morrison